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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here yesterday-gone today

Yesterday, the big excitement at our home was that we had a big Palo Verde Tree removed. It took two men and major equipment to cut it down and remove the roots. The tree was so gigantic that it was infringing on our neighbor's property (her chimney), loomed closer and closer to the gas bar-b-que, and rested on our roof. The green monster shed at the slightest hint of a breeze and although it was beautiful in bloom and did provide some much needed shade, I was relieved and sad to see it go. The blossoms, droppings, and sharp smaller branches fell off at different times during the year and landed on our patio, other shrubs, and made a total mess of our backyard. But, I remember times I glanced at the Palo Verde out of my bedroom window and had a light heart. It seems like it grew from a little stick of a thing to a massive out of control monster only in the last few years My husband had the dubious pleasure of raking the muck and mess and he's celebrating one less job to do. I've provided the before photo. I'll send the after later on.

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