Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Celebrate Spring with Desert and Garden Flowers

I salute you with a Special Spring Desert and Garden Flowers, Colorful Leaves,and Flowering Tree Blog Post. I just noticed 500 people put this blog in their Google+ circles. Yahoo. I'm delighted and appreciative. This inspires me to visualize 500 more who will add me to their Google+ Circles or become Followers in the Coming Months. 

Now on to the show!

See more here Wordless-Wednesday-at-Tohono-Chul-Park

See this Spring Collection at Colors 4 Health Spring-Colors-Delight-and-Entice.

Before you go take a moment to comment. 

What kind of spring flowers grow in your area?

Which flowers do you like the best? 

Which desert color or plant attracts your interest?

Sharing is caring and I'd love 💗 to hear from you. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this post and enter your comment in the comment area, then click publish. Happy Spring!

The quote for today follows:

"For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive."  D. H. Lawrence Quote Found on Brainy Quotes

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Shop Smart, Save Big, Eat Healthy

No matter how well off we are, most of us want to conserve our resources, yet prepare and eat nourishing, delicious food. To save time, money, and increase the nutrient content of the foods we eat, consider my food selection tips. They work well for me and can help you transform yourself into a savvy food shopper supreme.

Food Shop at the Right Time, Place, and Pace for You

Make a meal plan, write out a shopping list, cut coupons, or use a shopping app that generates all of these. To save big, plan to buy products that are in season, on sale, and are top quality. Here’s help. "4 Key Reasons to Eat a Variety of Colorful Fruits and Veggies.”

Pick a time and place where you can shop in an orderly, unrushed manner. This sets a calm tone to your experience and helps you resist impulse buying.

Read every label including those on bagged fruits and veggies. Manufacturers can change ingredients so pay attention. Take note of the fresh date, and don't purchase anything that isn't at the peak of freshness. Beware of products that contain additives, preservatives, or any food stuff like nuts, milk, or gluten that might cause an allergic reaction for someone in your family.  An informed shopper is a smart shopper. See this from Dr. Mercola,  “Top 10 Food Additives and Why It’s Important to Avoid Them.”

Organic products have not been sprayed or injected with pesticides or other unsafe chemicals. That’s why I buy them whenever they are available. See this for more. #SayNo2GMO

 When you spot foods that are laden with fat, salt, sugar, or ones with names you can’t pronounce, it’s a safe bet those are products to avoid. If unhealthy foods are not brought into your home, there’s little chance you or your house mates will be eating junk

Make sure you’re not hungry, lonely, angry, or tired when you need to food shop. Eat, rest, call a friend, or scream and vent before you set off to the store. To help you resist those extra things you’re tempted to grab, use a small basket rather than large shopping cart. This limits shopping space and curbs an inclination to purchase foods with empty calories or frills. Here’s more on a related topic.  “How to Maintain Good Health this Holiday Season.”

Shop the perimeter of you supermarket first. That’s where unprocessed, whole foods are likely to be found. Select dried or canned beans, legumes, and fresh leafy greens for protein. They are much more economical than ready-made foods. Whole grain foods like organic steel cut oats, organic barley, and organic rye flakes contain more nutrients than highly processed boxed cereals and taste just as good if not better.

Organic Pearled Barley, Organic Banana, and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Spend at least 70% of your food shopping time in the produce department. Look for the freshest, best looking fruits and veggies you can find. If you don't see products you like on the shelves, ask the produce manager to get them for you from the back. Make sure your meal plan includes at least 5-7 portions of fruit and veggies per day.

If your schedule is jam-packed, get precut or frozen veggies and fruit (ones that don't contain sauces or added sugar). The extra few cents you spend on convenience will help you in the long run to stay on a health promoting track.

Shop Smart, Save Big, Eat Healthy! You and your body deserve TLC (Tender Loving Care). Set the intention to follow through. Please let me know how you manage your food shopping routine.

Do you delegate responsibility for food shopping or prep to someone in your household or share it?

Any tips for my readers and me? Please leave comments and have a fabulous day.

My quote for today is: “Cook what's fresh for the day. When you're using fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods, it's easier to keep the weight off. And I eat whatever I want - just not a ton of it.” Actress Debi Mazar. Read more at:


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