Friday, July 19, 2013

GMO labeling bill gets backing from natural-food, supplement group. We need your vote too!

"The nation's largest trade group for natural products is getting behind a legislative effort to require that consumers know when their food has been genetically modified." This quotation from Julian Hattem in this blog tells it like it is. This is an important read. GMO labeling bill gets backing from natural-food, supplement group - The Hill's RegWatch

I often ask myself if GMO's are supposedly so safe (according to Monsanto and others that have tampered with our crops by genetically modifying them with toxic or allergen causing chemicals like Roundup®), why does Monsanto's UK facility serve no GMO foods in their corporate dining rooms?  Here's a list of the top six major players in agricultural genetic engineering in the private sector. Many of them have extensive plant breeding operations across the world, and then add transgenic traits to the varieties they breed.

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