Sunday, December 25, 2016

Quotations to Inspire You in the New Year.

Start the New Year off to a healthy start by reflecting on these self-care quotations. They can comfort, inspire, or motivate you. Perhaps you're afraid to risk moving forward or avoid change. Quotations can help access your inner wisdom. Once you tap into that guidance, let it enable you to head in a new or more positive direction in 2017.

Maybe this year you'll read a quotation that will re-enforce your resolve to detach with love from people, places, or things that no longer bring you joy.

No matter what stage of life you're in, it's possible to improve your sense of well-being. Quotations can help you identify with that part of you that feels small, afraid, unfulfilled, or dreads to do things differently.

Embrace and accept yourself as you are. Know if change is necessary for your betterment, the answers will come. Hang in there and remember to like and love yourself just the way you are right now. 

Contemplating the wise words of others has been an instrument for personal growth for me. I've used the wisdom of others as role models. Quotations from my mentors, teachers, and students have provided encouragement, support, and validation. I'm so grateful!

Learning how to compose and recite affirmations (quotations I write and repeat to myself) helped me summon the courage to pen and publish a woman's self-care journal. Affirmations continue to give me inspiration to keep up with writing this wellness blog.

I suggest you use quotations from people you admire to spark your creativity, sustain your momentum, and refresh your spirit. Repeat them aloud to fortify your resolve to pick yourself up and begin again.

Let these messages help you remember to be kind and gentle with yourself and others. We are all part of the human race and need compassion more than ever in the world today. Be an instrument of peace.

Wishing You a Happy Holiday. Many Blessings in the New Year!

Which quotation or quotations put things into perspective for you?

Do you have a favorite quotation that inspires or motivates you? 

Please let me know what are your favorite quotations. How many of the ones I shared in this post resonate with you? Comments are greatly appreciated. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to comment. Please remember to click publish after you've done that.

Thanks for the visit. Be Well and Live Your Best Life Ever in 2017!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Frida Kahlo: Exciting Exhibit at Tucson Botanical Gardens for Wordless Wednesday

This is a Wordless Wednesday post, but I'm so excited about the show at the Tucson Botanical Gardens that I wanted to RAVE about it. 

Frida Kahlo, is an artist who is best known for the many self-portraits she painted. She was born in Mexico City in 1907, and lived with Diego Rivera, her Mexican Muralist artist husband in La Casa Azul until her death in 1954. Her home is now a museum and pilgrimage site for many who consider the artist an early Mexican feminist.

The exhibit in Tucson is a recreation of the gardens Frida maintained at La Casa Azul. The plants, colors, and forms that were such an important source of inspiration to Kahlo are included in the installation. 

See the pictures now...

At the Entrance to the Frida Kahlo Exhibit

A side view of entrance to exhibit

Here's a link to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and details about the Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life Exhibit October 10, 2016 - May 31, 2017

In the courtyard at Casa Azul

The Years Frida and Diego Lived at La Casa Azul

Here I am Enjoying the Sun and Surroundings

This Meso-American-inspired replica of a Pyramid built by Diego Rivera,was in the central courtyard of their home. It was a showcase for a diverse collection of cacti and succulents native to the deserts of Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Lunch at the Cafe Botanica tops off the visit with a Christmas Eve Salad, Veggie Torta, and Bean Taco

If you live near or in Tucson or can come for a visit, this lovely exhibit is sure worthwhile.

How many of you have seen this exhibit or plan to come by before it ends in Oct. 2017?

Please comment below and share the love if you like what you see.

The quote for today is : "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best." Frida Kahlo

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