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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tips to Boost Gratitude Today!

Scientific research reinforces what life experience suggests; it’s impossible to feel stress and tension when you're feeling grateful. Studies show it's a sound health practice to focus on what you are thankful for, rather than dwell on things you think you lack. 

The calming part of the nervous system is triggered by thoughts and feelings of gratitude, and works to make you feel refreshed and happy. 

American Psychological Association quote adds to this good news. "A grateful heart is a healthier heart and a thankful outlook can lead to improved outcomes in heart-failure patients.” 

Don't you think practicing gratitude is worth a try?

To that End, I Offer Tips to Boost Gratitude Today!

Journal about gratitude and count your blessings. My investigation of the facts indicates gratitude heals, energizes, and transforms lives. Professor Robert A. Emmons from UC Davis, a science of gratitude expert, said expressing gratitude “can lower blood pressure, improve immune function and facilitate more efficient sleep. Gratitude reduces lifetime risk for depression, anxiety and is a key resiliency factor in the prevention of suicide."

Colors of Joy Provides Many Activities to Help You Draw Gratitude into Your Life

Amp up journal writings’ benefits with color. Use colored pens and markers to record your ideas about the goodness in your daily life. Perhaps you feel you have little time to write in a journal daily. Keep it simple. Take a few minutes, night or day, to do a colorful bullet list of things you are thankful about. Another choice is to do a mental gratitude list. Whatever you decide, know that colors bypass reason and work at the sensory level to make journal writing fun and transformative.

Meditate about gratitude. Define the word in your mind's eye and reflect on examples in your life. The definition I like best is an original, "gratitude is the human quality of being thankful, including readiness to show appreciation and kindness toward ourselves and others." How do you define it? 

Pamper yourself to make grateful feelings multiplyShower yourself with kindness. Joy and thankfulness are plentiful, when you are compassionate with yourself. Self-care has a ripple effect, and helps you respond to others in a loving way. See this for additional self-care tips.

Appreciate much and take nothing for granted. Life and the people in it owe you nothing. Treat every person and pleasant thing anyone does for you as an unexpected treasure. Look at your work, play, home, health, and social interactions as blessings in your life.

Use your eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, taste, and touch, you "come alive" in the present moment. Practice cherishing and accepting things just as they are. Do you know what I mean?

As the baseball player Wade Boggs said, "
Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings us, but the attitude we bring to life."

Make the most of every day. Rather than complain the glass is half empty, see the glass as filled with stuff to meet your needs. Don't put off your enjoyment for another day. Reserve time to do fun things like walk or hike in nature, play a favorite sport or game, or undertake a project you’ve been putting off doing. When you complete it, give thanks. Be mindful to balance business and pleasure; it creates warm, fuzzy feelings in you.

Display humility and stand with others. When you have a realistic conception of your assets and strengths, and possess the ability to acknowledge mistakes, imperfections, and gaps in knowledge, you are on the high road to personal satisfaction. Combine this with the aspect of being interested in what others have to say and willingness to learn from them. All add up and make you a gratitude winner.

Give to others to multiply gratitude. Make a donation to your favorite charity or prepare a meal for someone less fortunate than yourself. Sharing your money, time, food, and clothing with others helps you open your heart more fully. 

Be generous with kind words and gestures too. Let your thoughts be intentionally appreciative, and give others the benefit of the doubt. In the long run, it helps you be peaceful and empathetic, instead of judgmental.

Thank you dear reader for your visit. I’m grateful to be alive, and realize none of us know what tomorrow will bring. That's why I set the intention to celebrate gratitude today, and I wish you would too!

My quote for today is "I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." Maya Angelou  

Please take a moment to comment below. What people, places, and things are you grateful for? Do you participate in things that help you feel more grateful? What are they? Please re-share this post if you enjoyed reading it, and pick up your copy of Colors of Joy today. 

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  1. What could be a more perfect post than gratitude for Thanksgiving. Great reminders..

    1. Thanks Judee for your comment. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and many moments of gratitude as days go by.

  2. These are great tips to help refocus our minds where they should be! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Thanks +AnnMarie Irace. Love your blog too. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and be well.

  3. happy to be here Nancy but the text is so small!

    1. Thanks for commenting and glad you told me about the text. What kind of a device are you reading this on? Maybe I or someone in my audience can help with a solution. Have a great Thanksgiving and be well.

  4. I wasn't sure where to mention it but I can barely read the text as well.. I tried to read it on my Mac desktop and on my tablet.. I can read the comments fine but not the post!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I bolded the font and tried to make the font large enough for all to see, but not too large for small devices. Did it work?

  5. Nancy, You've got some great tips which are especially useful given we're into the holiday season which is very stressful.

    1. Thanks Tina for your comment. I wish you much joy, peace, and serenity in this season and beyond. Happy Holidays!

  6. Thanks for these great tips, Nancy. And, by the way, I am able to read the entire post just fine on my phone.

    1. Thanks Bee for your comment. Glad the font changes I made worked and you could read the entire post just fine on your phone. Wishing you a fun day and thanks again for visiting.

  7. There are some valid points and great tips given here#trafficjamweekend@_karendennis

    1. Thanks Karen for your comment. Which post at #trafficjamweekend is yours? Please let me know. Have a fun holiday season and let that gratitude shine in you.


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