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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Celebrate Your Friends and Yourself This Valentine's Day

I've been reflecting about friendship and what it means to me this Valentine's Day. The words that come to mind are kindness, authentic, non-judgmental, close attention, sharing, growth, thoughtfulness, give-and-take, balance, willingness, warmth, generosity, blessing, grace, showing up, gratitude, fun, tears, laughter and visions of all those I hold dear in my heart. 💗




This post is my love letter to you dear friends 💌. Thanks to all those who have come to my blog this year, and all those who have yet to come. What words, ideas, or feelings come to mind, when you think of friendship or Valentine's Day? Please let me know you're visiting me, by sharing in the comments section below. Hugs to you dear ones. Nancy Andres

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful and inspiring quotes. When I think of Valentines day I think about showing love to those closest to me such as my husband and Mother. sending my Mother a card and buying a gift for my husband - making him a special dessert and meal. When I used to work out in the world I would take small gifts to my friends and make a special dessert for all the staff if I could. Hope you had a happy Valentines Day. Sharing.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support Marla. Special meals for special people...and you're one of them.

  2. Hello Nancy, very nice quotes on friendship, good post for Valentine's day.

  3. Thanks so much Sadhna at +Herbs Spices and Tradition. Wishing you love in your life all year long.


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