Monday, September 7, 2015

Value Your Work, Value Yourself

Value Your Work, Value Yourself

The past three days leading up to Labor Day has been an opportunity for me to reflect about the importance of “work” in my life and how purposeful activity has bettered me. Perhaps you know that in addition to my being a Wellness Blogger, I am a Health & Lifestyle Writer, Author of Colors of Joy: A Woman’s Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss, and Independent Publisher at Align Publishing LLC.

Many years of toil, persistence, and patience with myself and my learning curve has taught me much. I have a strong work ethic and do my utmost to create interesting content that features ideas and tips to enhance the quality of your life. I’m enthusiastic about the topics I choose to share with you. The writing process makes me happy, and today I savor my process as much as I do the bounty of my efforts.

I’m grateful I continue to feel excited about learning new things. My next project is to increase my technological ability in order to expand my audience and touch more people with my words. My goal is to be of service to others and stimulate thinking about health issues, wellness topics, food and recipe information, travel gems, book recommendations, writing tips, environmental issues, and relationship and self-care skills.

On this Labor Day, I pause to honor all workers who live in our great nation. I encourage you to do your best every day, whether you are an entrepreneur or work for someone else. Be conscientious and go that extra mile whenever you can. Take my word for it. It's worth it. You're sure to gain proficiency, have more self-confidence, feel gratification for the effort you put in, and even may be noticed and promoted. 

If you don't feel good about your current occupation, or feel under-appreciated or under-paid, recognize it as a sign that your self-esteem is lagging, you need to speak up for yourself, and/or it’s time to move on. Before you take this step, it’s best to have another job lined up. If you want to shift gears, and need additional schooling to prepare, have the courage to go for it. 

Another good way to investigate a new career is to speak with those who already do this job.  Why not volunteer in a field that you are considering and see whether it is a good match for you? At the very least, you'll find out what skills are required in that position, meet contacts, and learn what leadership qualities make people in this role stand out in a competitive market.

Be daring! Let your unique talents and gifts shine. Cultivate them on your career path and your spirit will dance. Everyone has something that is special about themselves. I believe our life purpose is to discover what that means for us. 

On Labor Day I especially want to salute all those who are raising or have raised children. Your job is extremely valuable and challenging , and many of you also maintain your household, serve in the military, and/or are our bus drivers, police, waiters, teachers, technicians, shop owners, and the countless others who are part of the work force. Whatever your job may be, do it well! Kids learn from our guidance and the example we set.

What do you value about your work? What challenges and growth has occurred as a result? What self-care techniques help you function well on the job and in your down time? Please comment below. Then share the love on social media. I'd love for you to become a Google+ follower. That way you'll get an update automatically (about twice a month), when I post. 

The quotation for today follows:

"No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." -- Martin Luther King Jr

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  1. What a thoughtful post! I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa Isabella Russo. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Warm regards, Nancy A.

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  3. Hi Nancy,
    This is a inspiring thoughtful article with good advice. It is extremely hard to do a job that you do not like or work for a employer that treats you badly. It can affect your healthy physically, emotionally and take a toll on your whole life and I have been in that position before spending every free moment trying to find another job. I love your quote for the day.

    1. Thanks Marla for your comments. I agree with you about how hard it is to do a job that you do not like or work for an employer that treats you badly. I had to learn this the hard way myself. So this blog is based on my research and personal experience too. Nancy A.

  4. Nancy, wonderful tips for following your dreams. It takes a lot of work and persistence! I experienced working in a job I was miserable in for 13 years. I'm so happy to have found a way to make a business out of my passion!

    1. Hi Dawn. Thanks for your comments. You are indeed blessed to love what you do. So happy you stopped by for a visit. Find something great about your work today and enjoy the ride. Nancy A.


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