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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Secrets To Help Clutter Proof Your Home

3 Secrets To Help Clutter Proof Your Home

Colder weather in January and February may mean you retreat inside. It can be an opportune time to clutter proof your surroundings and make your home more functional, relaxing, and appealing. Discover motivational tips, ideas, and support to help you get off to a fresh start.

Secret # 1-Recognize you are not the only one. An online stress trigger study conducted by the Huffington Post in 2013 of over a thousand people, revealed that close to half of the respondents reported feeling nervous that their home wasn’t clean or organized enough. This group included those who felt overwhelmed about things like crowded closets, dirty dishes in the sink, wash that was left undone, and uncertainty about where they put down their car keys, reading glasses, important papers, or even where to find a pen or pencil to take down a message.

Secret # 2-Change your thinking to transform your actions. Set the intention to make your abode more livable. When you are willing to learn how to streamline what you keep around you, simplify your cleaning and organizing routine, and give away or sell what no longer serves you, you’ll act more decisively. See whether you notice that when you clear space for those things that really matter to you, you feel happier at home.

Secret #3- Seek help from family, friends, and the pros. Until now, you probably haven’t requested or gotten help from those you live with. If roommates or your family members need convincing, explain why it’s important to you that they pitch in and how you’ll all benefit from the results. If you are unclear about how to put new routines into place or question why it’s healthful for you to do this, research the topic by reading a book about home care. Annie B. Bond, author of Home Enlightenment: Create a Nurturing, Healthy, and Toxin-Free Home states, “As with any sort of clutter, clothing clutter included, when you have too much crammed into closets, drawers, and trunks, you’re not appreciating or honoring the things that do make you feel good. There comes a day when you need to let go.” Annie goes on to describe how to do just that. Here's a link to her Website.

Another expert whose words ring true for me is Jodie Watson from Supreme Organization. Here’s her fix for a front entry make-over. 

Here's a link to a savvy organizational expert named Jennifer Renee, who suggests this 30 minute de-clutter.

The last pro I’ll mention is Alejandra Costello, who appears on a YouTube video to show you how to organize a home office.

For additional ideas to reduce clutter and bring order to the place where you live read on 

1. Spend 10 minutes today to organize that junk drawer in your kitchen, nightstand, or magazine rack in the den. That's all you have to do the first day.

2. Do the next 10 minute project tomorrow. If you feel raring to go, notice how you feel if you start another clutter removal project as soon as the first is completed. Learn to check in with yourself so you can proceed at your own pace.

3. Remember to pause between tasks to savor the satisfaction of doing a job well.

4. Donate, give away, or throw out anything you haven’t used within the last year. Used clothing, books, magazines, and household goods can help the needy. Recycling cuts down on the amount of things that collect dust, and reduces junk that’s dumped in a landfill.

5. Make fluffing the pillows, pulling together your bed, and taking out garbage part of your daily exercise routine. Mop up spots on kitchen and bathroom floors as soon as they happen, in a moving mediation style. This will keep liquids from being tracked all over your house and keep you entertained as you clean.

6. Clean bathroom and kitchen counters, when anything spills on them or soils appliances.

7. Drop dirty towels into a laundry bag or bin, near your washing machine. This will save time on wash day and get them out of sight right now.

8. Keep garbage in a sturdy, washable container or pail that's out of sight, and take it outside daily. Share KP duty with all members of your household.

9. Tackle closet organization one part at a time. First, arrange clothes neatly on hangers. Then, create your own management system. Some people like to arrange clothes according to category like causal, dress, and exercise gear. Others prefer to sort by colors, and still others like to place shirts, pants, and outerwear into separate sections. Next, think about what would be most effective for you. I have installed hooks for bathrobe and pajamas and shelves for hats, belts, pocketbooks, and items that won’t be damaged by storing them this way.  I use clear storage bins and racks for shoes, bags, and odds and ends. The shelves in my master closet look neat and and items stored are easy to see. 

10. Affirm that if you haven’t worn or used an item for a year or more, it comes up for review. I’ve found that when I release something I never use, it makes me feel less burdened with stuff.

11.Be a cautious shopper, and think long and hard, before you buy new clothing or household goods. Before I take home any item, I ask myself whether I have something similar at home, is it an impulse purchase (what empty space inside am I trying to fill up), or do I really need it? If I decide to purchase a particular item, I get rid of one I already own by putting it in the rag pile, donating it, or giving it to someone else.

Please share about any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve that help you clutter proof an area in your bedroom, bath, kitchen, home office, or living room. I love to learn new housekeeping short cuts. Contact me by email If you feel I’ve provided useful information, please share a link to this blog and credit with my name, Nancy Andres. Here’s my Pinterest Page and Facebook Page

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The quote for today is: “I think people want very much to simplify their lives enough so that they can control the things that make it possible to sleep at night."
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  1. Hi Nancy.
    You have some very good ideas here. I must admit I need to de-clutter quite a few drawers and places that I have left go far too long. I am pretty at mopping up floors immediately and keeping them clean and keeping my closet cleaned and arranged but its those junk drawers that are a problem to me. Thanks for sharing your ideas

    1. Hi Marla,
      Thanks for commenting. Like you, I have to admit I do need to de-clutter a drawer. It's the one in my home office desk. I thought writing this blog would help motivate me to clear it out. But I think it's your response that has given the extra oomph I needed to take it on. Be well. Live well. Lead a colorful life! Nancy A.

  2. Awesome ideas Nancy! I especially like number 11. I admit, shopping is my weakness, but I like your thought process for being a cautious shopper. Thanks so much for including me in your article :-)

  3. Dear Jennifer,
    It was my pleasure to include you in my blog. I am a big fan.
    Warm regards, Nancy A.

  4. Cleaning and decluttering are huge challenges for me and family so thank you so much for sharing your healthy, green and helpful "Secrets To Help Clutter Proof Your Home" with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing!

    1. Hear you Deborah. I think cleaning and clutter removal are challenging for almost everyone, since modern life can be hectic. Thanks for sharing on Pinterest and social media. And special thanks for featuring this post on blog hop # 50! Warm regards, Nancy A.

  5. We've got a 'catch-all' drawer that fills up pretty quick so we go through it often. I have a system in place for bills and stuff that comes in the mail. It helps but sometimes it's hard to set aside the time to stay on top of it. We also consign twice a year so when that time comes (right now for me), it's a good time to streamline, prep for selling and donate the others. Great tips!

    1. Thanks Jessica David for your comment. It's so important to have a system for bills and stuff that comes in the mail as well as keep close taps on inventory moving forward into a new year. Yes, lightening up sure helps everything run smoother. Warm regards, Nancy A.


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