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Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Activities and a Recommendation


Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson

This is where I spent a lovely Mother's Day afternoon in the heart of our desert city. It was so soothing and refreshing to take in this plush, emerald oasis. The quiet is sublime. See the Website.

Are you willing to share information about a tranquil place where you live? Please click on the white envelope under this post and leave your comment. That way, we all will know where it is.

I had an opportunity to check out Anita Fonte's new publication and recommend it to you. Talk Up^ Tucson presents ideas and resources to promote community happiness and community prosperity through diverse positive collaborations. For more information go to Anita's Website.

I’m happy to say I was able to follow through with my “green lifestyle” promise I made to myself in April to start a vegetable garden. The organic basil and oregano I planted are thriving and the organic cucumber, lettuce, and tomato seedlings are starting to peep up. My husband set up a clever automatic watering system so we can conserve water as well as assure my delicate newbies can be watered twice a day. Hopefully the seedlings will get just enough of the intense southwestern sun to grow big and strong. As soon as it warms up some more, I’ll be moving my portable garden to a shadier spot. Here’s a link to the Arizona Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Information Link where I found planting information.

Here are my green ideas for May:

Worldwide March Against Monsanto to say no to GMO’s. It is on Saturday, May 25. Tucson joins more than 200 U.S. and worldwide cities participating in the event! The Tucson march will take place at 12 Noon at Reid Park, starting at the Festival Area, north of the duck pond, northwest of the zoo, to the south of Field #4, and southwest of Hi Corbett Field. March followed by speakers, entertainment, and refreshments. Find more information go to

Go on a green hike, remembering to hike near home to reduce fossil fuel consumption, take out what I bring in (snack wrappers), and leave everything as I see it (take no souvenir plantings, rocks, etc. or disrupt the natural environment).

Pick my own veggies and herbs. This reduces trips to the store and is so wholesome and satisfying. Also, gardening is good exercise and a pleasurable self-sustaining, free activity.

Stay close to home for Memorial Day Weekend. Need time to kick-back, have uninterrupted time to revise a work project, and watch the Life of Pi.

Keep my shades closed on the east side of my house in the AM and on the west side in the PM to cut down on a/c use. My electric bill is greatly reduced if I remember to practice this simple, passive energy savings' trick.

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend and let me know what you'll be doing this weekend. Click on the envelope and leave a comment. I'd love to hear how you're spending your time.


  1. Love the post! I've started a vegetable garden also to compliment my backyard landscape. Thanks for link on planting information that should be helpful. If you're also into landscaping I've found a really great source for Tucson sod and they also provide lots of tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy lawn and how to save water in Tucson, etc. -

  2. Thank you unknown for your comment. By the way, who are you? I think potable water is too precious a commodity to use for watering sod, but I do enjoy seeing green. That’s why I use Xeriscape plants, shrubs, and ground cover. If a company (golf course for instance) or individual must have a lawn, I think it is imperative they use gray water,recycled rainwater and water harvesting.
    in Peace and Health, Nan

    1. My name is Jessica! Nice to (virtually) meet you, thanks for the reply. I need to figure out how to get my name to show up when I login / reply as my Gmail account so it doesn't display as 'unknown' hehe :)

    2. Jessica,
      Wish I knew how to help you with Gmail. Perhaps if you re-check your gmail profile or settings, that would help. Can someone out there help Jessica?

  3. Like the article and a pretty picture :).


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