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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's spring and spring has sprung!

This is a succulent growing in our garden in the southwest.

Spring is in the air-it is a lovely southwestern day! Springtime may be a great time for you to clear out the figurative cob-webs in your mind, home, closets, car, or office. Time to reduce (donate, sell, or give-away), reuse (repair), and recycle (transform) items that are cluttering your life. Clear the decks; create spaciousness in your living environment. You may be surprised to discover that spring cleaning and clearing has a ripple effect at work and in your personal life.

Check out the link below from Sue Rasmussen at Making Room for What Really Matters. Plenty of suggestions and support.

The quote for today is :  "I think people want very much to simplify their lives enough so that they can control the things that make it possible to sleep at night."
Twyla Tharp

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Have a Lovely Holiday/Joyful Day!

In Peace and Health, Nan


  1. Hi Nan,
    Spring is clearly my favorite time of the year. It feels like a time of rebirth for me so I totally agree with the idea of Spring as the perfect time to clear out the cob-webs in my mind, home, closets, office, etc.It is definitely time to declutter! I am so glad you shared your lovely insights at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Deborah Davis. I so relate about it being a time of rebirth. And we seem to be in a mutual admiration society. Keep up the good work you do!


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