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Friday, September 25, 2009

First Edition of O Blogger Newbie

Yikes. This is for first effort to communicate with you out there. Exhilarating and daring to do this without knowing many of the concepts or skills involved in blogging. Please bear with me and, if you'd like, share some of your newbie blogging experiences with me. From past experiences, I've discovered I learn best if I don't feel pressured. I'll be going slowly (perhaps two or three posts a week) and my intention is to be courteous to you too.

I don't care for the green portion of this blog spot, but don't know how to change that. Can anyone out there explain how it's done?

Speak to you down the road.

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  1. Today,I learned how to and did change the template color from green to rusty orange. I notice that it challenges my patience to not to give up before the miracle happens and I find a solution to my issue.

    I'm following my own blog, just because I'm learning this way too!


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