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Friday, February 27, 2015

Aerobic Exercise and Optimum Health

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I came across a study that shows a direct correlation between aerobic exercise and brain cell health and even regeneration. You can find a link below to see the abstract.

I'm grateful that this report gives me new impetus to amp up my exercise routine and get outdoors more often for aerobics. I love to work out in a natural setting. I'm able to connect more directly to a power greater than myself, when I'm in nature. I'm not a person who likes to go to a gym for treadmill walking. My preference is to commune with mountains, flora and fauna, streams, a river, or sea. I love to hike and walk. 

What's your take on the study and what motivational techniques work for you to keep you active and vitally alive? 

Which kind or kinds of aerobic exercise work for you? Swimming, biking, hiking, dancing, walking, running or something else? Remember... anything that makes you happy as well as revs up your engine, will improve blood flow to the brain and is good for your spirit. Let me know which aerobic exercise you like and why.

My quote for the day is:

"Another good reducing exercise consists in placing both hands against the table edge and pushing back. " Robert Quillen-American Journalist

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