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Friday, October 9, 2009

Quote, Bonus to blog, Learning Curve, Blog addition, Risk and Grow

I’ve decided to offer you, dear reader, a bonus.What’s that, you may ask?
Each time I post, I’ll include a quote that may or may not directly apply to the subject I’m writing about, but hopefully will be thought provoking or stimulate some insight about learning curves.

Yesterday, I took little nan (my inner child) to her new dentist, for the purpose of getting a new crown. Little nan had met the dentist at her dental check-up a few weeks earlier and the young, energetic, professional was a big hit with little nan.
The first thing that Big Nan remembered to do, was to breathe deeply. She reminded herself to stay present in her body so that she could comfort little nan, when she got squirmy. She also needed to be in the now, because she asked questions of her dentist and dental technician that little Nan was afraid to ask. Big Nan and little nan found out yesterday that things can't change unless they do the footwork and risk doing things in a new way.

Here's the first quote folks...
"To be safe is to be afraid." – Coyote, in a Crow Legend

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Contact with my inner self through the writing process

Last night I attended my writing group. It was great to get and give feedback to each other, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Although genre's vary, I sense group members need or like support, encouragement, and validation for their work (including me). Thanks group for your help. When I arrived home afterward I was wired. My brain was filled with new ideas and my heart sang with inspiration.
A writers' life can be lonely and gut-wrenching at times so belonging to a group has helped me keep the passion alive and the writer-fires burning.

In Peace and Health,

Thanks for Visiting

Hope you enjoyed your visit and will return again. Be well. Live well. Lead a colorful life! Warm regards, Nan